About Us

Olfactorini is an artisanal perfumery that sits firmly at the intersection of fragrant artistry and scent science.

We specialize in handcrafting not just fragrances, but incredible olfactory experiences.

In fact, our name is inspired by that very idea.

Olfactorini resulted from an amalgamation of a few things: a love for the art and science of perfumery, and the ability to tell unforgettable stories through scent.

Scent and memory are intimately connected. Each of us has something called an olfactory bulb, which is the area of the brain responsible for interpreting scents. This bulb is in close physical proximity to the parts of the brain responsible for emotions (amygdala) and memory (hippocampus). Science suggests that this close proximity could be why our brains learn to associate scents with certain memories and emotions.

Thus, if the first time you've ever smelled a juicy pineapple martini was on a fun Hawaiian vacation, you might associate the scent of the fruity drink with great memories from that time in your life.

Olfactorini holds this principle in the highest esteem, and each of our fragrances is thoughtfully blended and designed to take you on a journey through carefully selected top, heart, and base notes. In a way, our fragrances are bottled-up emotions just waiting to be experienced by you.

We know you'll enjoy our fragrant offerings as much as we enjoy creating them for you, and we hope they take you where you want to go.