Pomegranate Polka Dots Luxury Perfume Oil

Pomegranate Polka Dots Luxury Perfume Oil

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Indulge in the sweetest treat for your senses with Pomegranate Polka Dots fragrance. This lovely candy gourmand fragrance is a delightful blend of pomegranate preserves, candied cranberry, vanilla, and whipped cream. Each note perfectly interacts with the other, creating a symphony of scents that will linger on your skin all day long.

Top Notes: Cranberry

Heart Notes: Pomegranate Preserves, Whipped Cream

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla


Perfume Oil



Our luxury 30 mL roller bottle is designed to provide you with the smoothest application.

Apply to pulse points for a lingering fragrance that won't disappoint.